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FactsheetsPatient care
Observers: chaperone, protect and reassure The presence of an observer as a witness to a medical examination may benefit both you and the patient. It can be reassuring to a patient who is fearful vulnerable or embarrassed.
FactsheetsPatient communicationPractising professionally
Boundary Issues Crossing a professional boundary can lead to significant personal professional and financial issues. The Medical Board of Australia regards allegations of breaching professional boundaries very seriou...
FactsheetsPractising professionally
Treating family members, friends or staff You should avoid treating family members friends or staff whenever possible. This factsheet offers advice for managing these requests and highlights the issues.
Digital healthFactsheetsPractising professionally
Clinical images – a snapshot of the issues Clinical images used for clinical care are considered a part of the patient s medical record and need to be treated with the same regard as other types of documentation. Images taken for non-clinical ...
FactsheetsPatient communicationPractising professionally
How to end the doctor-patient relationship This factsheet reviews your options and responsibilities when you think you need to end a doctor-patient relationship.
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Preparing for retirement For doctors retiring involves considering many elements of a business built up over many years in practice. These are some of the factors to contemplate when planning for a smooth transition to retire...
Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
Open disclosure: how to say sorry A patient s decision to take legal action or complain against a health practitioner may be prompted by perceived insensitive handling poor communication or delay after an adverse clinical incident.
Courts & reportsFactsheetsPractising professionally
Dealing with a professional conduct complaint Receiving a professional conduct complaint is confronting and stressful. In this factsheet we explore the process and your response.
Courts & reportsFactsheets
Giving evidence in court Giving evidence in court can be a daunting and stressful experience for any medical practitioner.
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
CV and interview skills When applying for positions with a large group of your colleagues you need to set yourself apart in some way. Your CV and interview are your opportunity to do this so you need to make the most of the ...
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