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Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
Managing adverse clinical events The risk of patient harm is inherent in all medical care the challenge is to identify and assess risks and actively manage those risks to reduce their impact. The risk of patient harm is inherent in a...
Digital healthFactsheetsPatient communication
Recommendations when using SMS messaging The use of SMS (or text) messaging is becoming a routine practice in many clinical environments. This factsheet outlines our recommendations for implementing this practice.
FactsheetsMedical records
Completing a death certificate The medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) or death certificate is an important legal document.This factsheet and attached flow charts will outline the specific responsibilities for your state.
FactsheetsPatient communication
Managing difficult patients From time to time in medical practice you will encounter patients with behaviours that you find difficult. It is important to be able to recognise why these patients are difficult and to develop and i...
FactsheetsPatient carePatient communication
Patient follow-up and recalls Doctors are often unsure how far they need to go in following up patients for return appointments review of test results and specialist referrals.
ChecklistsDigital healthFactsheets
Setting up telehealth in your practice This checklist outlines the steps when setting up telehealth in your practice.
ChecklistsDigital healthFactsheets
Conducting a telehealth consultation This checklist and flowchart outline the steps when conducting a telehealth consultation
Courts & reportsFactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Avant factsheet: Indemnity clauses We recommend that you seek independent legal advice before you sign a contract particularly about any indemnity clause in the contract.
Medication-related claims
Insights to reduce risk
What are the main issues driving medication-related claims? Find out the underlying themes and insights to reduce your risk of these types of claims in our analysis
Digital healthFactsheets
Telehealth – medico-legal risk for GPs This guide outlines key areas of medico-legal risk for GPs undertaking telehealth and provides you with advice from the AMA RACGP and Avant to assist you to reduce these risks.
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